Who We Are

Employers face numerous, complex challenges stemming from offering employee benefit plans, including benefit inflation risk, basis risk and tracking error. Since 1992, we have been helping clients navigate these complexities through various financing and hedging strategies. Our experience combined with our industry-leading investment in systems, processes and people has achieved exceptional outcomes. We are the only provider that:

  • Reconciles BOLI assets each month, to 0.001% accuracy.
  • Guarantees performance, or we don’t get paid.
  • Developed predictive SVP stress-testing software.
  • Has never placed a BOLI policy exposing a client to non-mortality experience related COI increases.

We’ve helped clients ranging from two of the top ten U.S. financial institutions to mid-sized banks mitigate their risks, saving money and time along the way.

Independent and Transparent

In an industry where many providers are beholden to the insurance carriers offering the highest vested commissions and investment managers willing to share investment management fees, we are 100% independent and transparent. This benefits our clients while giving carriers and investment managers a level playing field on which to compete. Carriers and managers vie to win our clients’ business based on merit. Clients successfully manage costs and service quality while fulfilling third-party vendor regulations.

We Favor

  • A uniform fiduciary standard for investment advisers and broker-dealers.

We Support

  • State-mandated disclosure of all life insurance product commissions.

We Provide

  • Separate agreements for Administrative Services, Advisory Services and Pre-purchase Services.

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