In its present incarnation, BOLI (the acronym for Bank Owned Life Insurance) is a highly complex, multifaceted topic, embodying many risk management challenges and requiring numerous articles to fully cover. However, we believe strongly in offering objective, unbiased materials that can help readers ranging from brand new to seasoned BOLI professionals begin or further their BOLI education.

New to BOLI?

If you are new to BOLI, we recommend beginning with our ongoing high-level series, including the following short articles (periodically expanded):


If your institution already owns BOLI or COLI, we offer a “BOLI – The Basics” in-person or virtual training that is tailored to your program and needs. The sessions have been invaluable to many institutions in bringing new hires up to speed as well as broadening the knowledge of longtime staff. Specific sessions can also be scheduled for targeted education on topics like risk weighting or stable value protection. Contact us today to learn more about a session.

Already know the lingo?

If you are familiar with the basics of BOLI and want to dive deeper, we recommend perusing the many whitepapers and other articles our experts have published. Want to ask a BOLI expert a specific question? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.