MB Schoen & Associates is led by principals who helped create:

  • The first private offering separate account COLI policy
  • The first private offering separate account BOLI policy
  • 17 US Patents relating to stable value, BOLI and other financial and insurance products, including 401KSecure™

Our team members’ backgrounds include actuarial science, accounting, insurance product development, financial product development, non-qualified deferred compensation, OPEB defeasance, benefit cost containment, systems development, IT security and administration. Together, we are industry-leading providers of BOLI Advisory, Administrative and Pre-Purchase Services.

Matthew B. Schoen

Founder & CEO

Tradyn S. Foley


Wendy J. Engel, ASA, MAAA

Senior Vice President and Actuary

Gerard J. Colaluca

Senior Vice President and Chief Bank Strategist

Carol Polasky

Managing Director, Business Development

Jon Reining

Managing Director, Business Development

Turner S. Fixen

Vice President

John A. Pfleger

Senior Advisor

Wayne F. Perg, PH.D.


Matt Self

Executive Benefits and BOLI Advisor

Jacob Winkels

Managing Director & Actuarial Analyst

Tharemy Hopkins

Analytics Manager & Client Services

Rachel Thysell

Client Support Analyst

Josh Wilcox

Financial Analyst

Matt Johnson

Investment Research Analyst