Click to download the Fall 2017 BOLI Survey Results

While we are pleased with the level of participation in this initial tally (demographics follow), and hope you share our view that the findings include valuable insights, we hope, over the succeeding years, to achieve broader participation, increasing the value of each yearly installment. We’ve done our best to present the results without bias.


  • Survey Links were shared with 82 banking institutions, both with and without existing BOLI, and spanning a wide range of size
  • 15 full responses were received, representing 14 banks, all of which own BOLI

Highlights & Reflections

  • Measurement of Performance: Yield/ROA was the most prevalent for BOLI assets
  • Views regarding BOLI yield attractiveness:
    • GA yields are deemed relatively more attractive than SA yields at present
    • Both GA and SA yields were deemed to be relatively more attractive in rising rate scenarios than at current rates
    • SA yields were deemed most attractive in an environment of gradual rate increases of 300 bps
  • Concerns: Of all topics, COI increases, lapse risk, and restrictions on investment flexibility showed the highest levels of concern
  • Redirection of vendor comp: Only three respondents said they knew if and to what extent vendor compensation is redirectable
  • Impact of 20% tax rate: Moderate to significant impact on new BOLI activity; little consensus on impact to existing holdings
  • Basel III: General concern was low; a majority of banks use the full look-through approach